Three reasons you want Hollywood Lighting

1. Your wedding’s in a beautiful space.

If you’re getting married in a remarkable old hotel, a modern gem or a building with some history, lighting will often highlight the beauty in an already impressive space. Architectural features like columns and windows can be lit for effect, and materials like unfinished brick and plaster really catch the eye when they’re lit right. If you’re planning on wearing makeup on your wedding day, you already understand this principle – it’s about making a good thing look its best!

2. Your wedding’s in a ugly space.

There, I said it. Some venues have amazing food, the right philosophy, a perfect ceremony spot – but there’s a wall in that main ballroom that’s a little underwhelming. Uplighting can do wonders for a bland slab of drywall or an unimpressive corner, dressing it up so it ties into the rest of your party instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.

3. Your wedding’s in a familiar space.

Getting married at your parents’ home, or at a theater you love? Renting an “alternative” space like a greenhouse or barn and transforming it to the event space of your dreams? Uplighting adds more than a dash of the dramatic, making something familiar into something extraordinary with the flip of a switch.



“mega set” Hollywood Lighting:

  • 16-30 lights including robotic washes, patterns, and custom monogram if desired. Decorating your entire reception space while providing extra attention to the dance floor. $500

Elegant Hollywood Lighting:

  • 12-20 uplights, providing enough lighting in the room to turn overhead lights down or off and still provIde enough light and ambience. This comes standard with all 2019 events.

uplighting colors.jpg