Jared and Erin

These high school sweethearts joined together with family and friends to commit their lives to loving each other as Christ loves them. It was a perfect April day with temps in the 70's. The bride was gorgeous, their affection sweet, and the room uplifting. Yet, the most beautiful and inspiring part of the entire day, without a doubt, was the message reiterated throughout the morning, sermon, and speeches of the perfect love of Christ. The never ending love HE gives us all. And the reminder that even in tough and unperfect moments in life - HE is there. HE is faithful.  HE never throws in the towel, gives up, or walks out. HE had enough love for all of us, to say "You are mine forever."  As as these two exchanged rings, made their vows, danced together, and celebrated with their loved ones - Christ's love shined brightly.

A note: Jared is Carol's youngest brother, and it is our honor to have Erin and her family a part of ours. Welcome to the family Erin. We will love you forever.