Brian and Heather

There are moments in life, that as they are happening, you know,

"This is the start of something wonderful."


Brain and Heather met in a vendor line at a Twins game. That simple encounter became a relationship built on communication, respect and love. And on June 4, 2016 we celebrated that moment and all the ones to come with this amazing couple. Take a look at the video to the right to see their day filled with the start of more "wonderfuls".

A few rain showers throughout the day added to the fun, excitement, and memories for Brian and Heather's wedding day. They used the spurts of sunshine to gather family and wedding party for pre-ceremony photos, and a little shower before the service made everything in the courtyard glisten for the moment beautiful Heather walked down the aisle.

Moments after the words, "You may kiss the bride," were spoken showers of blessings came down once again as the 200 guests hustled into the social hour. The spontaneous, yet perfectly timed, change in weather allowed guests to splash through the small talk and bond together instantly. Dinner conversation was upbeat, speeches heartfelt, and the dancing was quickly underway. 

Entertainment was provided in the form of music, 2 bouquets, a garter hunt and lively round of musical chairs, interactive dances, and a friendly battle of the sexes.

Lovely blue uplighting and onsite sound were provided by Elegant Affairs