Elegant Affairs Team

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Elegant Affairs is a Christian DJ company based in Mankato, MN, with one goal: To get your guests to say, "That was the most fun I have ever had at a wedding reception!" Matt and Carol are a husband-and-wife-for-life team, guiding each couple through the planning process. We believe weddings are the first of many celebrations in a marriage.

Elegant Affairs is recommended by many of the area's most reputable hotels, country clubs and catering facilities. Matt is one of the America's most experienced djs with over 20 years of experience.

We simplify the overwhelming task of planning with our in-depth and consistent videos, emails, meetings, and resources. 

After years of helping hundreds of couples through the planning process to their big day, Elegant Affairs is focused on ultra-planned, extra-fun, super-memorable events. Meet with Mega Matt, your MC. Meet Carol, your wedding planner. Let's make your wedding Mega Amazing!


Grab a notebook and a pen.

Sit down together and select the moments you would like at your wedding reception.

We're so excited you're here!


Which do you prefer?

  • Play your specific music style, or

  • Play the music your group requests and will keep the dance floor busy.

What songs will get the two of you on the dance floor together?

What songs cannot be played even if your guests request them?

Social Hour

Think of at least three things for guests to do during the social hour besides getting a drink from the bar. (More ideas and examples can be given in our meeting.)

  • Slideshow

  • Photo Booth

  • Alternative Guest Book

  • Puzzle or Games

  • Hors d'oeuvres.

What three things will you have during the social hour?

Grand Entrance

The grand entrance sets the mood for the party ahead.

  • An instrumental song is usually selected for the formal entrance.

  • One upbeat song is usually selected for the ramping and high-energy styles.

  • Add accessories and props or choreography for a truly high-energy entrance.

What song would you like for your grand entrance?

Would you like ushers and other attendants to join the wedding party for the Grand Entrance?


What style of dinner music would you like?

Will dinner be served plated or buffet style?

  • What time is dinner?

  • Who are your hosts?

  • Will there be a prayer before dinner?

How would you like to handle the clinking of the glasses?

Which members of the wedding party and families will be giving a toast?


Would you like to use the time between the dinner and dance as a social hour or to entertain your guests?

  • Which forms of entertainment would you prefer?

Family Fun

Will there be more than 15 kids (ages 3-10) at the wedding?

  • May we entertain them with a Kid's Dance while the waitstaff is transitioning the room from dinner to dance?

Will you be adding a kid's candy toss or bouquet toss?



First Dances

What song have you selected for your first dance?

Will there be a Father/Daughter Dance?

Will there be a Mother/Son Dance?

  • Would you like the parent dances combined or separate?

Specialty Songs

If your guests request an interactive song, do we have your permission to play it?

Would you like an anniversary dance at your wedding reception?

Bouquet and Garter

Will you be having a traditional single-ladies bouquet toss?

Will there be a garter removal?

  • Removal ways: Groom himself - Pickup - Garter Hunt

Will the garter be given away?

  • Garter Giveaway: Auction -Traditional- Musical Chairs


Dollar Dance

Will there be a traditional Dollar Dance?

Would you like the dollar dance to take:

  • 10 minutes total time (20-30 seconds with each guest)

  • 15 minutes (30-60 seconds with each guest)

  • A minute or two with each guest - As long as guests are in line.


Late Night Entertainment

Would you like to have additional entertainment options during the dance if your guests are ready for a new interactive activity?

Should we play Battle of the Sexes?

  • For sure!

  • Play it by ear

  • Not interested in late-night entertainment

End of the Night

How would you like to wrap up your wedding reception?

  • Slip out

  • First Dance

  • Sing Along Song and End-of-the-Night Photo

  • Grand Exit

Would you like to wrap things up at a specific time or when the group is ready?


Large Set of Hollywood Lighting:

  • 16-30 lights including robotic washes, patterns, and custom monogram if desired. Decorating your entire reception space while providing extra attention to the dance floor.

Medium Set of Hollywood Lighting:

  • 12-20 uplights, providing enough lighting in the room to turn overhead lights down or off and still provde enough lighting and ambience. This comes standard with all 2019/2020 events.

Small Set of Hollywood Lighting:

  • 8-14 uplights accenting the head table and points of interest around the room. Perfect for corporate parties and school dances.

Ceremony Sound

This is a great option for those who are having their ceremony outside or with a large audience. The wireless microphones ensure that everyone can hear and experience your ceremony. To add a ceremony sound system to your wedding, just select an option:

  • You rent gear and pick it up the week of wedding--$200

  • We plan and run the ceremony sound for you--$400

Contact to Book

We'd love to meet in person or via Skype, if necessary.

  • Call to set up a meeting time.

  • Bring your notes along!

Let's plan your perfect reception!

Pricing will be discussed in person. Most EADJ couples budgeting between $3k for entertainment to $5k with added audio and video services.

Call today to see what dates are available for 2017 and 2018.